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Equipment Finance for Hospitals & Surgeries


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Hire Purchase

  • Terms from 6 to 72 months
  • No Maximum value
  • Annual rates from 6%
  • We can almost always undercut so-called "0% finance" deals from suppliers

Leasing & Contract Hire

  • Reduce monthly outgoings
  • Adverse Credit – no problem
  • Assets generate cash - paying for themselves
  • No cash upfront


  • Funds for any type of equipment
  • Up to 100% funding
  • Lease any type of asset
  • New or used equipment

Talk to Rangewell – the business finance experts

Does your hospital or clinic have the equipment it needs? Providing the latest medical equipment could increase your profitability - but it will demand a very high level of investment. Rangewell can help with any finance need your surgery or medical facility faces.

The investment required to equip a modern clinical facility is staggeringly high

The highest quality equipmnet is essential when lives are at stake, and new technologies are making patient expectations and costs ever higher.

As a result, the cost of providing medical equipment is growing steadily. It is not just the obvious items, like CAT and MRI scanners, with costs in the millions. Even equipment designed for everyday care, from beds and trolleys to the seating in your reception and waiting areas all carry a high price tag.

Your lighting, security and IT needs may require less specialized solutions, but they still mean substantial costs.

Fortunately, at Rangewell, we can provide affordable solutions which will allow you to provide the equipment you need for your hospital, clinic or other medical facility.


  • Find the most competitive funding to allow a new hospital to equip wards and side rooms

  • Help a small clinic find funding for a range of pre-used ultrasound equipment

  • Source a lease arrangement to allow a hospital to equip a complete radiological suite

  • Find the most competitive finance to equip state of the art operating theatre

Asset Funding for medical equipment

Asset Funding can provide solutions for medical equipment. From advanced systems - including robotics - in your operating theatre to basic furnishings for your waiting room, to the IT network, it will let you have everything you need and spread the cost. there are two types of Asset Finance to consider.

Hire Purchase lets you acquire an asset right away and spread the costs over up to 5 years. Hire Purchase is often used for items with a relatively long life. Power beds, which could easily be in use for 20 years, might be ideal for Hire Purchase.

Leasing works much like a rental agreement. It might be the only practical way to provide items like an MRI system, with costs in £millions. Leasing can also include maintenance - meaning that keeping your equipment in perfect condition is the responsibility of the lender.

New or secondhand?

New equipment may be ideal, but refurbished equipment can also be a good investment, especially for items such as seating. At Rangewell, we can help you cut your costs with pre-owned equipment – then cut them again with Asset Finance.

Can your supplier help?

Most medical equipment suppliers will be pleased to help you afford the equipment you want with their own Asset Finance arrangements. But they will be making a profit from providing the finance as well as on the equipment itself.

They may even offer 0% finance to close the sale - but there is a catch. As a borrower, you won’t pay any interest on the sum you borrow. So, if you finance a £8,000 portable ultrasound with an interest-free agreement from the supplier, you’ll repay just £8,000. The dealer pays the funding company the cost of the interest which they would otherwise take from you - but they will absorb the interest cost into the sale price. That £8,000 system could be hundreds of pounds cheaper if you bought it with cash - and found a specialist lender to provide the funds you needed.

We can usually undercut equipment suppliers finance - even 0% finance arrangements.

Why your hospital needs Rangewell to cut the cost of equipment

Not all finance providers work in every sector and their terms and rates can vary widely. A lender must understand the needs of the financial sector.

At Rangewell, our medical support team includes Asset Finance experts. They can help you find the right kind of finance arrangement, and the most competitive deals - including those that undercut the 0% finance offers provided by equipment dealers. If you're looking for any type of finance for hospitals and surgeries, contact us today, 

You must have a clean and welcoming reception and waiting room - or patients will not trust the standard of care you provide.
You can’t bring patients into a shabby waiting room, or a treatment room that has seen better days.
We lease everything. That way, we can replace equipment as soon as a better solution comes along.

Discover your range of finance. Every type of finance for every type of business.

Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Find Funding

Helping you build your profits

Reduce or eliminate capital costs

Find out how you can spread the cost of your equipment over months or even years. Some types of funding even remove the need for upfront capital expenditure altogether.

Repayments that work with your operating budget

Asset Finance is secured on the assets themselves, which reduces interest costs and help make your repayments fit your monthly budget.

Funding scaled to your needs

We can help you fund equipment at all levels, from individual items to entire wards and theatres.

Reducing your risk

Asset Funding is secured on the assets themselves. If you found the repayments on equipment became a problem, the lender could simply repossess the equipment.

Lease cutting-edge equipment

Leasing will let you update your equipment whenever you need to which means that you can always work with the latest and most efficient technology.

Cutting costs wth specialist lenders

Some lenders specialise in particular business sectors. At Rangewell, we can help you find these specialist lenders, helping you cut your costs and simplify applications.

Download Rangewell’s free and detailed guide to Finance for the Medical Profession

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  • What types of finance are available and which is right for your hospital or surgery?

  • Are all lenders authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority?  

  • We offer private healthcare medical procedures, are we eligible to apply for finance?

  • Lifting the lid on interest free finance/0 apr representative

  • What terms and conditions apply to medical loans?

  • Key finance terms explained, including total amount repayable, subject to application and amount of credit

  • Is there a difference between monthly payments and monthly instalments?

  • My business offers multiple medical treatments, what costs can I finance? 

  • Download our free resource on finance for hospitals and surgeries explained

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Getting the right funding arrangement is essential

There are many forms of business finance available. Getting the most appropriate type for the business needs of your practice is essential.

Your key equipment could be at risk

If you are unable to keep up repayments on a hire purchase or lease agreement, the equipment your practice depends on could be could be at risk.

Long-term financial commitments

You may not be able to pull out of a finance arrangement once set up.

Our service is...


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