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Finance for property portfolios

  • Terms up to 20 years
  • £50,000 – No Maximum
  • Rates from 2% over base rate
  • Individual arrangements tailored to your circumstances

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  • Repayments geared to your turnover
  • Adverse Credit – no problem
  • No Income Proof Required
  • Repayment and interest only available


  • Purchase land, premises or investment property
  • Refinance existing portfolio
  • Up to 80% Loan to Value available
  • Commercial, Residential and Land

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Building a commercial property portfolio can deliver excellent returns if you have the necessary funding. We know every property lender in the market and to help you find the funding you need.

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

Commercial property portfolios

Commercial property can offer a sound investment but the high costs involved will make it essential that you can call on external finance - and secure it at the most competitive rate.

The shortage of property in the UK has helped ensure that the property market has become to be seen as one of the safest long-term investments. In the current, low interest-rate environment, building a property portfolio can be affordable. With research, a common-sense approach and investment in locations and properties with long-term appeal and good market demand can mean attractive returns.

But while residential  property is easy to understand, the government decision to discourage investors by removing many of the tax advantages is having a serious effect. It has prompted many investors to look at building commercial property portfolios. 

Of course, there are some risks to be aware of. Location and potential appeal to top commercial tenants are important. EPCs need close scrutiny as, if a building fails to meet a certain standard, you may not be legally allowed to let it out or sell it. Work to bring it up to scratch could be expensive. You should also think carefully about the wider economy and which sectors - office, retail, industrial - are right for you. 


Look at occupier demand. Anywhere with availability below 3% means the prospect for future rental growth is good - major cities in the south are obviously strong office investment locations. But remember, as many companies encourage hot-desking and working from home, overall demand for office space could decrease. 


The growth of online shopping and the decline of the high street could make retail a high-risk sector. Town centres are becoming more focused on leisure, with cafés, bars and restaurant concepts proving more popular than traditional retail. Units with ancillary space above that can be converted to residential may offer the best opportunities.


Factories and warehousing could be in for a boost with Brexit and the weak pound bringing back manufacturing, and online shopping boosting demand for logistics warehouses. 


Gyms, nurseries and funeral parlours could all be rewarding properties to include in your portfolio, with the location being less important than facilities.

Whatever sector you specialise in, you should expect both capital growth and revenue from rental. But remember, property costs are high. Borrowing will be essential and getting the most appropriate type of finance and the most cost-effective deal is vital.

Rules laid out by the Bank of England's Prudential Regulation Authority now mean any landlord who owns four or more mortgaged buy to let properties must submit income and mortgage details on all of them every time they refinance one, or purchase a new property.

At Rangewell, we help property investors of all kinds find the finance they need. We cover the entire UK lending market, which means we can help you find the most cost-effective property finance for your investment portfolio - however large it grows.

Commercial mortgages for your property portfolio

A Commercial Mortgage is the most common form of finance used to buy a commercial investment property. They can be used to buy business premises, or mixed-use and residential property for letting. At Rangewell, we can help arrange multiple commercial mortgages, helping you get the most cost-effective solution for each property.

Commercial mortgages operate much like residential mortgages and are secured on the property itself. However, the rates and terms for a commercial mortgage are arranged individually. Before they will make an offer, lenders will look at your investment plans and projections and set interest rates based on the level of risk they believe it presents to them. There will be valuation, arrangement and legal fees and additional costs for the services of professional advisors which will add substantially to the initial costs. 

The mortgage lender will make a rent to interest (RTI) cover calculation. This means that you will need to show that you can obtain enough rental income from a tenant to cover the interest on the mortgage.

Commercial mortgage deals can be either fixed-rate or variable rate and you may be able to choose between a repayment mortgage option where you pay the capital and interest back each month or an interest-only mortgage, where you only pay the interest.

Commercial mortgages are arranged on an individual basis, and some lenders will consider funding mixed investment properties - so getting expert support to find the right deal is essential.

Refinancing an existing commercial property portfolio

If you already have a portfolio of commercial property investments you will be fully aware that even a small difference in the interest rate will make a substantial difference to your monthly repayments. Property remortgaging or refinancing could help you reduce your costs by letting you pay off an existing loan arrangement and replace it with a new one at a lower cost. Your properties will probably have appreciated in value, and the chances are that you can get a better deal thanks to the lower LTV - especially if you have an entire portfolio to refinance.

Getting the help you need

All types of property investment involve high costs and it is important to have expert help to get the kind of funding that is right for your investment plans.

At Rangewell, we work with lenders across the market. It lets us ensure that you have the financial solutions you need. Our knowledge can not only help you secure the funding you need - it can save you a great deal of cash.


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