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When is the best time to think about Small Business Finance?

Published on 5th February 2019 - Last update on 19th November 2019

In order to run a successful business, you need to be able to seize upon opportunities as and when they arise. But as a small business owner, amassing the necessary funds to do so isn’t always easy, especially when you factor in your other monthly financial commitments. However, rather than stretching your business’ working capital to the limit, you could take another route and explore how applying for Small Business Finance could help. Small Business Finance covers a wide range of business finance solutions which could offer you the funds to complete and achieve all manner of essential projects and goals. So if you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level without causing undue strain upon your finances, here are some situations where you may want to consider applying for Small Business Finance.

  • Ensuring a sustainable growth rate
  • Support your finances and any other expenses
  • Accessing emergency funds

How can Small Business Finance help support growth?

At any stage in your business’ development, cash is an important resource have to hand. But if you’re an SME having to work to a tight budget, pursuing and achieving your growth aspirations can seem a long way off. Sure, it can be tempting to draw money from your own accounts but in doing so can cause any number of issues for your working capital and ability to afford other financial commitments. This is why applying for Small Business Finance is so it important, granting you access to a diverse range of business finance products including Secured and Unsecured Business Loans, Asset Finance, Property Finance, Merchant Cash Advance and Overdraft Replacement to Invoice Financing. So by choosing to apply for Small Business Finance, you could gain access to the funds and resources you need to achieve all of your short and long-term term goals, regardless of whether they involve bringing more equipment and machinery, premises extensions, site refurbishments, fleet expansions or even opening up new branches.

Need help supporting an upcoming business project? Or have you run into a slow trading period that’s straining your working capital? Apply for Small Business Finance or learn more about how your business could benefit!

Can Small Business Finance help support my business’ finances?

Every business can experience seasonal fluctuations, but what matters is how you deal with it at the time. If your business becomes unable to attract enough sales it could make settling your operating costs and other monthly expenses harder to achieve, possibly leading to insolvency if left unresolved. But by applying for Small Business as soon as you’re aware of any cash flow issues you could receive all the support necessary to keep up with financial obligations and even target the causes responsible. So if you’re anticipating a slow trading period or need to get paid sooner rather than later, some products available to you through applying for Small Business Finance include Merchant Cash Advance, Invoice Financing, Overdraft Replacement and Asset Refinance. Therefore, Small Business Finance can be an invaluable tool for your business to make use of, helping you cope with slow trading period and reinforcing long-term sustainability.

Could Small Business Finance provide assistance during unexpected emergencies?

Although it’s important to anticipate and plan for any potential issues which may negatively affect your business’ growth and long-term sustainability, you may occasionally run into problems that you didn’t necessarily expect or anticipate. But when you do, being able to react and resolve the issue as quickly as possible can make all the difference. Naturally, your first instinct would be to make a claim with your insurer should your business get vandalised or fall victim to theft, for example. However, it sometimes takes time for payments to be forthcoming, which could prove problematic. But by seeking the assistance of Small Business Finance you could benefit from products such as Merchant Cash Advance, Overdraft Replacement, and Invoice Financing. Plus, depending on the complexity of the request and your chosen product, an agreement could be set up in as little as 48 hours with the funds that you desire following soon after. So whether you need help coping with flash flooding, repairing your shop front or even covering the cost of a project that’s gone over budget, applying for Small Business Finance could offer you an appropriate solution.

Could you benefit from Small Business Finance?

As essential as cash may be, obtaining it in sufficient amounts can often prove difficult and frustrating. But rather draw the funds from your own savings and threaten your business’ financial sustainability, you could take a look at what applying for Small Business Finance has to offer first. Covering a wide variety of business finance solutions, each product works in its own unique way to provide your business with the funds and resources it needs to move forward and prosper. However, with so much on offer, identifying an appropriate finance solution for your current situation can be daunting. But by speaking with a qualified business finance professional, sourcing a suitable solution for your business could be as simple as ABC. So whether you're looking to purchase specialist equipment, support revenue fluctuations or a cash injection, apply for Small Business Finance today or find out more with Rangewell.

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