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We’re working with UCL’s Digital Business Labs

Published on 12th June 2015 - Last update on 19th November 2019

We are thrilled to be working closely with UCL’s Digital Business Labs on Rangewell’s user experience and product design.

What is UCL’s Digital Business Labs?

Digital Business Labs “provides digital businesses with user experience consultations, cross-device testing and large-scale beta testing with detailed use analytics, enabling businesses to make decisions that are evidence-based, customer focused and commercially rewarding”.

What are we doing?

We will be working closely with Digital Business Labs throughout the summer to help perfect our product and help ensure that businesses, accountants and lenders across the UK can interact with one another within a streamlined, user-friendly and elegant interface. The quality of our product is crucially important to us and we are therefore excited to work with experts in user experience and design at the Digital Business Labs.

More information

You can find out more information about Digital Business Labs and their service offerings at the Digital Business Labs website.

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Sarah Thornton

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