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Case Study: Bakery

Published on 16th October 2015 - Last update on 14th January 2020

The client’s challenge

A specialist bakery company needed to buy and install a new generator to replace the existing one, which was unreliable and constantly breaking down, but they didn’t have the cash reserves to pay for the new equipment. Previous attempts to raise funding for the purchase had also failed because of the unusual nature of their cash flow. Summer months were slow, and 80% of their income was generated between October and March.

Our solution

With the support of one of our alternative funding partners, we engineered a hire purchase agreement with low payments in June, July and August. All at once, this removed the strain on the bakery’s cash flow and enabled the purchase of the machine. On completion of the agreement, the directors of the company were relieved to learn that Rangewell and our partners could connect them with more lending partners who have the capacity to construct cash-flow-matched agreements.
With our extensively mapped market, together with our partners Rangewell can take on any unique challenge and match businesses with the right solutions. Our work with this bakery company has provided its directors with a peace of mind by producing an ongoing solution to a problem they thought to be unsolvable.

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