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This week’s news: 9-13 November 2015

Published on 13th November 2015 - Last update on 15th December 2019

What was the big news this week?

On Tuesday David Cameron gave a speech on EU reform, the referendum, and what it means for businesses in the UK. Our CEO Chris Greener was invited to attend, and we posted the full scoop here.

The Financial Stability Board, an organisation that advises G20 countries on banking reform, recently valued unregulated shadow banking at £53 trillion. Shadow banking refers to any banking transactions conducted outside of a regular bank, and the FSB is trying to transform it into “a robust source of market finance” – being hyper-vigilant in the process, so as not to destabilise the entire financial system.

AccountingWeb has a list of 10 questions you should ask potential clients before you take them on. Learn how to avoid getting into a mess of unpaid taxes and disorganized accounts here.

“Most SMEs are doing nothing, which is quite shocking.” Emma Philpott, chief executive of the information assurance firm IASME Consortium, urges the cyber security industry to engage more with SMEs, as many small business owners don’t even consider it, and many businesses that are breached “lack basic security controls” like firewalls and anti-malware. The government’s Cyber Essentials scheme is a good place for business owners to become more familiar with cyber security.

137 HMRC offices are closing within the next five years. Is yours one of them?

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