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This week’s news: 8-12 February 2016

Published on 12th February 2016 - Last update on 15th December 2019

Find out what affected business this week

February 25th is Employee Motivation Day, and new research shows that “British employees are, on the whole, happy at work, with a third feeling inspired to succeed every day and 70 per cent feeling positive more than three days a week.” Good news!

Less good news: HMRC is having delays processing taxpayers’ cheques – leading some to worry about late payment notices and interest charges even though they sent their payment before the deadline.

AccountingWeb ranks accounting one of the most recession-proof careers, but according to CCH Daily disappointing pay rises mean one in three accountants are still looking for a new job.

Fleximize debunks five common myths about startups, including the idea that you have to rely on VCs and equity finance to get your company off the ground – and at Rangewell we can connect startups with a wide range of debt financing options that meet the needs of growing businesses.

TechCrunch has an in-depth look at the state of the marketplace lending originator ecosystem –  and where it’s going next.

Finally, we’ve got some big awards news coming up on Monday – stay tuned!

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