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This week’s news: 25-29 January 2016

Published on 29th January 2016 - Last update on 15th December 2019

What affected business this week?

The topic on everyone’s mind this week was fintech, one of the key themes of the World Economic Forum. It was a buzzword for big banks at Davos, Bloomberg reported, but in spite of that many are still focusing on regulation over tech.

Meanwhile, The Independent called out the WEF as a “vanity project” that had no real relevance to SMEs – and “it is their views we should be listening to and their problems we should be prioritising for solutions.”

Business 2 Community has 10 things an accountant will tell you when you start your own business – one of them being “hire an accountant.” Good advice.

Google and HMRC worked out a tax deal where Google agreed to pay tax on revenue from UK-based advertisers, as well as 10 years of back taxes, working out to £130 million. Opinions are divided, and many commentators agreed that that wasn’t nearly enough money.

Seedcamp released a portfolio analysis showing a “flourishing tech scene” in Europe and a focus on fintech – as well as a few other up-and-coming sectors. Click through to see where everyone’s investing now.

The Rangewell team attended the SkyTech conference this week, speaking to operators and vendors about financing drones. Click here to read more about drone finance, or here to follow our LinkedIn showcase page and keep up with the latest developments in the UAV sector.

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