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Rangewell is proud to announce our partnership with King’s College London

Published on 15th February 2016 - Last update on 13th January 2020

Rangewell is happy to announce further significant progress in our partnership with King’s College London as we constantly fine-tune the matching algorithm that allows us to connect businesses with business finance that suits their unique needs.


Rangewell has been working together with King’s College London’s Professor of Computer Science, Maribel Fernandez, to improve the matching algorithm that finds business finance providers to meet the specific finance requirements of individual businesses.

“King’s College London have been working closely with Rangewell for the past three months to further enhance their matching algorithm. I am confident that this innovative technology, which matches businesses with suitable lending institutions, will help an increasing number of small and medium sized businesses in the United Kingdom access the finance they need to grow and develop”

Maribel Fernandez, Professor of Computer Science at King’s College London

Learn more about the work done by King’s College London here

An innovative approach

The algorithm draws from a database of over 270 business lenders whose lending criteria have been mapped in detail to ensure an accurate match of borrower and lender. A range of improvements to the platform have been made, including real-time scoring, question weightings and an innovative use of machine learning to ensure that loan application data is recycled and used to further enhance the accuracy of the matches the algorithm provides.

By constantly improving this algorithm, we make it even easier for small businesses in the UK to access the funding that is essential to their development. The Rangewell platform requires only a few key details from the borrower to provide a selection of loan products tailored to their needs and requirements, taking the uncertainty out of finding business finance.

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