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Why you need to start taking new beauty courses

Published on 26th August 2016 - Last update on 3rd December 2019

The beauty industry is continually changing, as are the tastes of your clientele. To deliver a high quality service and give clients the styles they desire, beauticians often have to retrain to keep up with the latest trends, safety standards and become fully rounded in all things beauty. This isn’t to rubbish your abilities and experience, but to enable you to stay on top of the industry. There will always be more to learn, and as Marvin Minsky once said, “You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.”

Here are 5 reasons why you need to continue learning:

Health and Safety and procedure regulation changes

As a beautician, you are entrusted with working around a number of chemicals, equipment and techniques. Sometimes safety standards change and you’ll have to quickly adapt. There might be new a range products entering the market and you’ll have to learn how to apply them safely and minimise any adverse effects. You’re customers are putting themselves in your hands, safety is the first thing they expect.  

Upgrade your skill set and boost your confidence

When you first train you will learn a number of key skills in a variety of areas. However, when you enter a career you may find that you use some skills more than others. For example, if you’re a hairdresser you’ll mostly be using your skills as a hairdresser. Or, if you’re working in a nail salon you’ll exercising your abilities as nail therapist, and so on. The more you focus on one path the sooner you lose touch with others. Retraining allows you to relearn these skills and be more versatile.

If you’re looking to hire, seeking candidates that have more than one skill set in their resume will be a boon for your business. Their skills can allow you to add more services, attracting more clients and generating more revenue.

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Operating licences

When starting a business in beauty you will have to enter an application to your local authority detailing the types of services you’ll be offering. For example if you’re a tanning salon you’ll have to detail your safety procedures, services, equipment and how you’ll be maintaining high levels of hygiene. In short, you’ll be proving that you’re competent enough to safely operate as a business. Attending courses, seminars and workshops regularly can make any inspections of your premises and services run much more smoothly.  

Maintaining your competitiveness

The types of services and styles that clients want is constantly changing. Following their favourite celebrities and pop stars, the demands of your clientele will become ever more extravagant and challenging. Retraining will give you useful tips and tricks that’ll allow you to deliver what they desire. If you’re unwilling to learn and provide the looks they desire they’ll simply go to someone who will, shrinking your business. Attending seminars every couple of months and booking courses every few years or so helps maintain a hold of your customer base.

Gaining business skills

If you’re an employee who’s been working in beauty for a long time, you’ve no doubt picked up a number of key skills and gained a thorough understanding of how the industry operates. As such you maybe considering going your own way and setting up your own business. If so, retraining can help you there too. Beautician courses can offer you advice on how to run a business in beauty and thrive. Also, you may want to consider business courses, seminars and workshops to fully grasp the needs of a business. Sure, this is a big step and a demanding one at that, but what’s more rewarding than running a thriving salon in the industry you love?  

If you’re currently looking for beauty courses operating in the UK, there are plenty to choose from. Institutions such as: The London School of Beauty, Open Study College, The Beauty Academy and many more are currently offering places. If you need to secure funding to take your business to the next level, then there are many options available to beauty ventures. Secure your future, make sure you’re up-to-date with everything beauty.

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