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Need help paying your business tax?

Published on 30th January 2017 - Last update on 16th September 2019

Running a business, you’ll no doubt already know that there are a number of areas that all need funding. These can include equipment, stocks, inventory, staff wages, energy and gas, MoTs, maintenance and so on. The list can go on, but during the months of January and April there a comes a bill that all business owners dread… business tax.

With so much expenditure, and the constant battle to maintain a constant reliable cash flow, struggling to gather the necessary funds can easily become a worrying reality. However, this isn’t an issue you can hold off or hide under your dog’s bed. HMRC takes a dim view on any business that doesn’t pay their taxes, the result of which can lead to a hefty fine and a giant dent in your credit score. However, it doesn’t need to come to this as Rangewell can source the perfect finance solution and grant you access to quick cash.

Quick Cash

There is a truly comprehensive array of products available that can bestow fast cash upon your business, all paid directly into your bank account. Some of these products can include: Merchant Cash Advance, Invoice Finance, Loans, Revolving Credit Facilities and so on.

Merchant Cash Advance 

To be eligible for this method of finance your business needs to be equipped with Chip ‘n’ Pin or any other type of card reading device. When applying, you will need to present business reports detailing all of your latest card transactions. You’ll need to show reports for 2 consecutive months, or possibly longer, depending on the lender. This is necessary for demonstrating the reliability of your clientele’s card-spending behaviour before a potential lender. MCA loans start from £5,000 up to as much as £100,000.

Invoice Finance 

An extremely useful financial tool that unlocks the cash sealed away in any of your unpaid invoices. Offering your business a loan equal to 90% of a single invoice’s total worth, this means of finance can help carry your business until the customer pays up.


These are a great way of securing an urgent capital injection in your moment of need. Typically offered as either a secured or unsecured finance solution, your business could feel the relief that comes from a £5,000 to £1,000,000 lump sum sitting in your account.

Revolving Credit Facilities 

This is an ideal solution for many businesses when it comes to making payments. This method of finance allows you to borrow money from a lender using a credit facility, offering you an agreed monthly allowance. Plus, you’re under no obligation to withdraw any money from the facility. Therefore, if you take nothing out there’ll be nothing to pay for that particular month. However, should you feel the need, any money you withdraw will be subject to interest.

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