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Infographic: Commercial Mortgages

Published on 9th September 2015 - Last update on 4th March 2021

At Rangewell, we’re committed to educating SMEs and their advisors about all the finance options available to them. That’s why we’ve made this infographic explaining the ins and outs of Commercial Mortgages – just one of the wide range of funding solutions Rangewell can offer SMEs.

commercial mortgages info

  • Commercial mortgages can be used for buying a property, refinancing a property, or redeveloping a property.
  • The lending institution will advance a certain percentage of a property’s value, which will be repaid monthly, along with interest.
  • Interest rates are calculated based on a variety of factors, including the business’ size, profitability, and credit score, as well as the size of their deposit.
  • Commercial mortgage terms can range from as little as three years to as much as twenty.

Rangewell has extensive knowledge of the SME financing field. We’ve independently mapped the business finance market of over 200 lenders and several thousand products, so we can offer SMEs and professional advisors multiple sources of commercial mortgages, as well as a wide range of other funding options.

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