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Ending the distress of UK SMEs

Published on 30th March 2017 - Last update on 15th December 2019

Ever since the end of 2016, there has been an escalation of UK businesses expressing signs of growing distress. According to a report carried out by Begbies Traynor, over 275,000 SME business are in the midst of worrying financial turmoil. Of those that expressed issues, a quarter was found to be London based. Yet, just as any business owner will tell you, running a business is rife with challenges that can easily affect your finances.

The need for additional support for UK SMEs

There are a number of factors that may be affecting your business, all of which must be tackled or adapted to in a timely manner. Our divorce from the EU, advances in technology, inability to get funding from your high street bank and so on. That is why, when running a developing SME business especially, additional sources of support can be what will allow you to endure and prosper in even the hardest of times.

Sources of support

When needing to provide support for your business, there is a broad spectrum of choice lying before you, including accessing business finance. However, since the 2006 UK banking crisis, many banks are now hesitant to lend to developing SMEs and have created numerous issues from there on. That is why access to finance providers, Rangewell, are helping more and more businesses source the perfect alternative finance products to suit their needs.

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Access to finance

“The scale of SME distress at the end of 2016 just goes to highlight the fragility of UK micro businesses, many of which are underfunded, lack management experience or are flawed in concept.”

Whether you’re looking to fund business projects, model restructuring, new equipment investments and so on, you’ll no doubt need access to external finance as your business grows. That is why our services are so invaluable to many UK SMEs. With Rangewell’s services and expertise, you can gain access to a wealth of business finance products including Business Loans, Leasing Agreements, Invoice Finance, Hire Purchase Solutions and so much more! Support is just a mere click away.  

Our values are simple – We’re on your side

At Rangewell, our services are clear and transparent. We support a wide range of SME businesses of every shape and size, for finding every type of finance. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for business tips and tricks, and feel free to call us on 0203 637 2340 if you’d like to chat about what we can do for you.

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