Case Study: Tier 1 Manufacturing Company

29th March 2016

The Client’s Challenge:

A well-known Tier 1 manufacturing company emerging from recession needed to fund a new division within the group. The new division had been identified as high margin and needed to be created in a short time frame to eliminate the competition. But they couldn’t raise the funding from their current banking partner, which based its decisions only on past performance and not future projections.

Our Solution:

We had to find a way to raise funding on the back of future orders. After meeting with one of our specialist funding partners, we agreed to put in place an invoice discounting facility with the principal company in order to release sufficient funds each month for the new division’s setup and operation. This division is now generating an income that benefits the whole group and has placed the company as an undisputed leader in a specialized sector of their market.

This company faced an issue that many SMEs are facing today – lack of funding from mainstream banks. But by using our map of the finance market, we were able to connect the manufacturing company with alternative options to generate unique solutions that would fit its needs and facilitate its growth as a market leader.

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