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Case Study: Security

Published on 30th January 2016 - Last update on 20th March 2020

Many of the businesses that come to Rangewell and our partners aren’t just looking for the lowest rates – there are a lot of factors that can make a business want to find a new finance provider, including quality service.

The client’s challenge

Our client, a seller of security equipment such as cameras and alarm systems, was unhappy with the impersonal service they were getting from their current funding provider. They approached a few high-street banks for quotes to replace them – but they didn’t have any luck there, either. Although they were offered good rates, they still felt like they were treated as “just another customer,” and they were missing that personal touch.

Our solution

There are many individual solutions for businesses, even in niche sectors like security, including Security Services Finance.  Because our experienced team has close relationships with a wide variety of business lenders across the UK, we found the most appropriate solution for them and had no trouble connecting this business with a specialist, hands-on Invoice Finance provider that understood the security industry and had the time to really listen to our client’s needs. The business soon put through a £500,000 invoice finance deal that was dealt with quickly and efficiently, and they felt well-taken care of throughout.

Sometimes it’s not just about rates. Even though the high-street banks could meet their finance needs, this business still went with a smaller provider that had the time – and the dedicated staff – to treat them in a hands-on and personal way. Because we and our partners have strong, in-person relationships with a wide range of business lenders, we’re able to connect businesses with whatever is most important to them: the lowest rates, quality personal service, or any other factor.

If you want to be part of a story like this one, click here to get in contact with our finance team. Or if you are a security specialist company, take a look at what types of security services finance are on offer.

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Sarah Thornton

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