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Case Study: Industrial Equipment

Published on 30th January 2016 - Last update on 14th January 2020

The client’s challenge

An industrial equipment manufacturer who understood the need for continuous improvement was looking for £225,000 to fund a new machine. They approached a specialist lender who approved a loan. Before committing, however, the business wanted to be sure they were getting the best possible offer, so they input their information into the Rangewell platform to see what other quotes they could get without having to approach a range of lenders separately.

Our solution

The Rangewell platform, which comprehensively searches over 300 UK business finance lenders, quickly returned the business’s best options for the finance they needed. At the top of the list was their original offer with the specialist lender they had approached on their own. Satisfied that they were getting the most attractive terms, the business continued to work directly with the lender.

Every business wants to be sure they’re getting the most competitive offer on the market when they apply for business finance. The Rangewell platform is the best way to search the entire breadth of the UK business finance, and it’s completely independent. We don’t have preferential agreements with any business lenders, so we’ll never push products or lenders on you, and you can be sure you’re getting the best deal – even when you’re working with someone else.

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