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Case Study

Case Study: Financing the Equine Sector

The Client’s Challenge

A company based in the Equine Sector needed to purchase a new handling machine that was key to the development of their business. Originally, the company intended to use the existing machine as a deposit and fund the remaining balance via a lease agreement, but they were not in a position to make the increased monthly payments immediately and were concerned that they would miss out on the availability of the new machine.  

Our Solution

To solve this problem, we partnered with the specialist division of a challenger bank to construct an agreement in which the company’s first monthly payment would not be due until four months’ time. This allowed the company to acquire the new machine immediately and reduce the strain on their cash flow until they could fully support it four months later.

When we first approached them with a potential solution, the company was skeptical of our ability to deliver on it. However, Rangewell has empowered the company to acquire the equipment they need at minimum stress and continue on their trajectory of growth. By partnering with new up-and-coming banks, we are constantly expanding our map of the market and providing more solutions to SMEs.

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