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Brace yourselves, injuries incoming

Published on 2nd September 2016 - Last update on 17th December 2019

Animals always love going outside with owners and enjoying the fresh air. Some may even be lucky enough to go abroad. However, the longer they’re out the greater the chances of them sustaining an injury or being exposed to diseases. With this in mind, now is a good time to acquire finance for your veterinary practice. Make sure you’re prepared and able to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

With the sun blaring high in the sky, pavements will become very hot, leading to animals with burnt feet if their owners aren’t vigilant. Some may even be left in hot cars. These are now considered as acts of animal cruelty, but unfortunately these things still happen.

However, the most common summer related headaches tend to be lacerations, ear infections, allergies and poisoning – all serious conditions that require urgent attention. With our help, your practice will be more than ready to respond.

Rangewell are specialists in veterinary finance. We work with over 300 business lenders, granting clients access to over 23,000 business products. Your business can benefit from many types of funding, including the ones detailed below.

Practice Loans

Expand your business and extend your customer reach – whether it’s a new surgery, more operating rooms, refurbishing reception areas or buying out a business partner, this loan can help your business immensely.

Asset Finance

Need specialist equipment and fast? Whatever you need, get it quickly, easily and without breaking the bank. Leases allow you to get the equipment you need and spread the costs into manageable monthly payments.

Vehicle Finance

Be able to get out there and promptly respond to animal emergencies with company cars, vans and animal transporters. Vehicle Finance, like Asset Finance, can get you the vehicles you need on a lease and spread the costs into manageable monthly payments.

Funding for your veterinary practice

Whether you need a vehicle, equipment or refurbishment for your practice, the Rangewell team can help. We specialise in business finance and understand the veterinary sector, including the lenders who can help. To find out more about funding for your veterinary practice, contact us or apply today. 

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