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Imports and exports for Total Trade:

RankHighest export levels Nominal value (£) Real value (£)


Data was taken from chapter 9 of the 2018 UK Pink Book titled 'Geographical breakdown of the current account'. It can be found on the ONS Website here. The data for trade destinations with smaller values are grouped together by sub-continent or continent as 'Other'. The constituents of these groups are listed above when they are selected. The trade breakdowns of some nations or groups only show commodities or services that were worth £500 000, or above, that year. Some services for particular countries where omitted as their data could be disclosive of the businesses involved. The adjustment from the 'nominal' to 'real' value for trade was calculated using the Bank of England 'inflation calculator' which can be found here.

European categories:

The European continent is broken up into 3 categories 'EU28', 'EFTA' and 'OE'. EU28 is comprised of the 27 countries, besides the UK, who are, of 2018, all EU members. It also includes two others; the European Central Bank and "EU institutions". EU institutions is comprised of the European Monetary System (EMS), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Comission, the European Development Fund (EDF), the European Investment Fund (EIF), the European Coal and Steel Community, the Neighbourhood Investment Facility, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, the European Council, the Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of Regions, other small European Union Institutions (Ombudsman, Data Protection Supervisor, etc.), the Single Resolution Board (SRB), the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund, the European Banking Authority (EBA), the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA), EURATOM, and the Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP). It does not include the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). A more detailed overview of UK government trade with EU institutions can be found in chapter 9.9 of the Pink Book linked above in Methodology.

The EFTA is comprised of countries in the european Free Trade association as of 2018.

The 'Other Europe' (OE) category represents the remaining countries in the European continent who are not members of the EU or the EFTA.

Commodities and Services:

Commodities are seperated using the Standard International Trade Classifiction (SITC) system. Not all categories are available for each nation or group as explained in Methodology above. the full list of commodities is Food and live animals (SITC 0), beverages and tabacco (SITC 1), crude Materials (SITC 2),fuels (SITC 3), animal and vegetable oils, and fats (SITC 4), chemicals (SITC 5), material manufactures (SITC 6), machinery and transport equipment (SITC 7), miscellaneous manufactures (SITC 8),and unspecified goods (SITC 9). The full list of services is manufacturing, maintenance and repair, transportation, travel, construction, insurance and pension, financial, intellectual property, telecommunications computer and information services, other business services, personal cultural and recreational, and government.

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