Find The Gender Pay Gap for US Companies in the UK

New government legislation in England means that large US companies employing staff there need to disclose their Gender Pay Gap to the Government

Information contained in this graph is the median average hourly rate of pay as reported by Companies to the UK Government’s Gender Equality Office. The data provided is only for UK based employees of UK registered companies and data for US based employees employed by US entities is likely to be different.

Companies report gender equality data under their legally registered name - this is different from their legal name in the US - we have signposted where possible the name by which the UK registered companies will be better know in the US.

If you cannot find the company you are looking for it will be because the company does not have over 250 employees in the UK, has not yet reported its data, has reported under another name or we have not captured the data. If you know of a company that is missing from our list please email the details to [email protected]